The case of the fake Satoshi judged: Craig Wright wins £1, but is displayed by the judge

Succeed in losing while winning! – The main support of the BSV crypto, Craig Wrightis mostly known to be one of the Faketoshis who claimed to be Satoshi Nakamotothe creator of Bitcoin (BTC), but without ever providing the slightest formal proof. He has just won a defamation lawsuit, but this “victory” at a more than bitter tasteas we will see.

Peter McCormack is ‘happy’ to lose his lawsuit against Craig Wright

In May 2019, Craig S. Wright (CSW) had hooked up with Peter McCormackwho notably hosts the show What Bitcoin Did, viewable on YouTube. The podcaster had come to refer to Craig Wright as ” liar ” and of “fraudster”. It was enough for the latter to draw a new trial what’s more, as he usually does.

On August 1, 2022, the judge of the British High Court, Martin Chamberlain, delivered its verdict on the case. Although the judge gives reason to CSW on the defamatory side of Peter McCormack’s remarks, the latter considers himself ” very happy “ conclusions of the man of justice. Why this paradox ?

“As some of you have seen, judgment in my lawsuit against Dr. Craig Wright has been rendered. I would like to thank my attorneys for their diligent work in this matter. I also want to thank Judge Chamberlain for this verdict. We are very happy with his findings. »

Peter McCormack has good reason to be happy to have lost to Craig Wright.
Twitter account @PeterMcCormack

CSW’s Faketoshi Reputation Confirmed: ‘Deliberate Forgeries’

If the loser of this trial is happier than the winner, it is because the verdict proves him right about his words, even if he is condemned for having said them. A very symbolic condemnation: £1 (about 1.20 euros).

“However, because [CSW] presented a deliberately false argument, and presented deliberately false evidence until a few days before the trial, he will only obtain nominal damages (…) in the amount of £1. »

For someone who calls himself Satoshi Nakamoto presenting bogus evidencesee a judge claim that he is presenting evidence “deliberately false” (thus, which he knows are falsified), it’s not very good reputation level seller. And all that, to win a symbolic £1!

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