the brilliant trick to find your car for sure

If you are the type with your head in the air, there is a trick to find your car for sure, thanks to the Google Maps application: we explain how!

In recent years, smartphone applications have changed our daily lives, and made our lives easier when it comes time to find our car: one of the flagship applications most appreciated by motorists is Google Maps. It is frequently used as a GPS navigation system, to find the best route and not get lost.

But there are other very useful features, especially on the road to vacation, when traveling in an area that is unknown to us: for example, Google Maps also allows you to find a parking space, by finding available parking nearby of your destination. The car parks are then identified by a ā€œPā€ logo on the map.

Google Maps: this hidden feature that makes your life easier

But there is also another hidden feature, which makes life easier for people who are rather airheaded: indeed, have you ever parked your car, and no longer know where it is when you have to get it back?

If so, Google Maps can help: once you arrive at your destination, all you need to do is use the app. A blue dot indicates your current location: when tapped, select the ‘Set as parking location’ option.

Google Maps: never lose your car again

The position of your car is then recorded with a yellow dot, identified by a “P” and next to which is written “You are parked near here”. When you need to find your car, you just need to find this marker.

Another very practical feature is linked to this function: in fact, by clicking on this yellow marker, you can obtain a pedestrian route which will allow you to find your car, with all the stages of the step-by-step guidance!

Google Maps: a very practical application

The geolocation of your parking space is one of the many handy features of Google Maps that make your daily life easier. This mobile app also allows you to define your route with stages, useful if you need to plan a stop to take a break or refuel your car.

The Google Maps app also integrates the famous Street View function, which allows you to obtain real photos of a street, and to walk around it virtually. Convenient if you plan to arrive somewhere unfamiliar and are looking for your destination.

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