The best mattresses to sleep in your Tesla

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It’s a trend that comes to us from the USA. Why not buy a mattress and sleep in your Tesla? Many owners may ask the question out of love for the freedom of electric car travel or simply to take advantage of this acquisition by going on an adventure. We also remind you that Teslas have a “camping” mode.

Tescamp: Enjoy a double memory foam bed

You can tell with this mattress that you have a bed in your Tesla. Of course, the dimensions are designed to fit easily in the Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model Y. The mattress is divided into three sections and you can store it in the front trunk of your vehicle so as not to lose space compared to your previous car.

Tescamp Mattress User Reference

Pacewalker Inflatable mattress: the alternative for the price

If you do not expect intensive use of your mattress. The solution of buying this mattress with an inflator can be excellent. Indeed, it is binding to inflate a mattress for regular use, but if it is once a year. In addition, you will pay less for the same comfort compared to the memory foam mattress.

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