The Autopilot of his Tesla leads him straight into work!

This American probably thinks that his vehicle has seen the work that is approaching. In fact, not at all! His car drives straight into a prevention panel and destroys its entire side!

Teslas, self-driving cars ? Unfortunately for him, this American will learn in a not very pleasant way that It is not the case at all ! Certainly, it is possible to let go of the steering wheel and let one of Elon Musk’s vehicles roll a time alone, but you have to constantly be on the lookout!

Thinking that Autopilot handled the situation this driver is not paying attention. So what had to happen happened…

The Autopilot manages…

As he drives down the highway with his Tesla’s assisted driving feature on, this american probably thinks his car noticed approach work area. It must be said that the orange cones as well as the luminous panels are more than visible! Since then, feeling safe, he attends to other tasks and pay no more attention what’s going on…

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In fact, not at all!

You suspect it, her Tesla didn’t notice anything at all! Distracted, the driver does not notice that the prevention installations are getting closer and closer until the moment when his car hits one of them! And he does not stop to see the extent of the damage. On imagine they are substantial, given that his rear-view mirror is in tatters…

Check out the video of this Tesla hurtling straight into work below:

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