“The appointments are taken by storm”

A monkey pox vaccination center opened on Tuesday July 26 in Paris, as announced the day before by the Minister of Health, François Braun. On July 8, the High Authority for Health recommended “that a preventive vaccination be offered to the groups most exposed to the virus”.

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This concerns, according to the HAS, health professionals in contact with patients, men with “sex with men”or “people in prostitution”. Monkeypox is transmitted, according to Public Health France, by contact with the skin or mucous membranes.

The center is located in the 13ᵉ district of Paris. Martin, 66, is pleased to have been able to make an appointment quickly thanks to this center, after having had difficulty finding a slot. “I phoned almost all the hospitals in Paris. I sent emails without return. I find that they take a little long to order vaccines, or to open slots.”

“The public hospitals are completely saturated. There are incredible waiting lists until October. I think there is a small problem in the process of starting, like for the vaccination against Covid-19.”

Martin, 66, vaccinated against monkeypox


No need for a prescription, doctors are on site to perform the injection after a preliminary interview. You can also make an appointment directly at the center.

Florian, 30, decided to get vaccinated, worried about the symptoms of the disease: “I saw that there were still many, many symptoms, and especially symptoms that were very painful.” Even if the immunity is total only with two doses, Florian already feels reassured.

“My doctor had recommended abstinence, to which I replied: ‘I’m going to get vaccinated’!”

Florian, 30, vaccinated against monkeypox


Bernard, 78, will be vaccinated this weekend. It is still very marked by the beginning of the AIDS epidemic. Today, he wants to be as far-sighted as possible: “I was lucky to go through AIDS. If it starts something like that again, it’s deadly. Now we’re lucky to have [la vaccination]. We can consider ourselves lucky.”

Sixty-four appointments were made for this first day. Two boxes opened. There will be four on Wednesday, with around fifteen health personnel present, including several students. Among them, Samuel, an intern in medicine, who had his first vaccines on Tuesday. To open this type of center to him, this is the right strategy:

“That’s what you have to do, when an epidemic starts, it’s to vaccinate right away to prevent it from spreading any further.”

Samuel, medical intern


“The appointments are quite crowded”assures Samuel. “It will be spread over the summer. We will remain open all summer, or even until September, and it will be spread out gradually. The population to be vaccinated is still smaller than for Covid- 19, so we expect to have flow management that is still a little simpler.” Eventually, the mayor of Paris hopes to be able to vaccinate up to 200 people per day.

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