the application has a new look with notifications and charging statistics

Tesla has just updated its mobile application on Android and iOS. This new version includes several new features, such as notifications, the appearance of a section dedicated to load statistics as well as an annual subscription plan to FSD and Premium Connectivity.

tesla app news
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While Tesla is being sued after a fatal accident involving a Tesla Model 3, the Californian manufacturer has just updated its Android and iOS mobile application. Version 4.6 of the Tesla app integrates several rather useful new featuresto start with clickable notifications.

Indeed, these notifications relate exclusively to the air conditioning and heating functions of the vehicle. To give you an example, when you start preheating your car or try to cool it down in the summer, the application will notify you when the ideal temperature is reached in the cabin. You can then turn off the heating/air conditioning from the notification, without having to open the Tesla app.

Same principle for charging. If you plug in and charging starts without you wanting to, you can stop the cycle from the notification. Still concerning air conditioning and heating, it is now possible to activate the Climate Keeper function remotely. As its name suggests, this feature allows to use the air conditioning systems for a long period of timeat the risk of emptying the batteries of course.

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tesla app news
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The Tesla application allows you to monitor your energy consumption

Another major addition: the integration of a section dedicated to energy consumption and load statistics soberly called “Charg Stats”. From this new section, it is possible to obtain lots of information about your energy consumption : number of kilowatt hours charged during the last 31 days, the total amount spent in one month on charging, location of charging stations you have visited.

The app defaults to average electricity costs in your area. The application can even be transformed into a price comparator for the various charging stations, while it also makes it possible to follow the charging time for hourly packages, where electricity prices vary depending on the moment. of the day (off-peak time or not).

Finally, let’s end with a feature spotted by dataminers and which has not yet been deployed. Obviously, Tesla is preparing to offer annual subscriptions to its Premium Connectivity plan and at FSD, its fully autonomous driving technology. Until then, users could only prescribe monthly subscriptions. It remains to be seen whether the annual formula will allow you to benefit from a discount or not.

tesla app charge stats
Credits: Electrek

Source: Electrek

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