The Apple Car is already more interesting than Tesla cars

A new survey of Strategic Vision asked to 200,000 car owners which brand they could seriously consider for the purchase of a new automobile. Japanese manufacturer Toyota leads the list with 38% responses, closely followed by Honda with 32%. The big surprise is Apple, which ranks third with 26% of the panel. Ford is fourth with 21%, followed by Tesla with 20%.

Cupertino has never really confirmed working on a vehicle. But multiple patents filed in the United States and the hiring of specialists in the matter have already betrayed its ambitions in the past. For the moment, however, it remains very difficult to know precisely when such a product could be released at Apple.

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In this study, Apple also comes first in the list of brands that consumers surveyed “love[nt]” most. A figure that is not surprising, because we know that the firm already regularly comes first in the rankings of smartphone manufacturers who get the best reviews from users.

Moreover, we notice that half of Tesla owners would be willing to invest in the Apple Car when it comes out. A public particularly concerned since already immersed in intelligent interfaces: it is possible to unlock Elon Musk’s cars in one click from his iPhone. No CarPlay up front though, but a big seventeen-inch screen.


Only downside for the Apple Car: respondents are still 34% don’t know enough about the beast, precisely because the teams of Tim Cook keep the secret as best as possible on the development of this program. It is assumed that it has also fallen behind in recent months, not to mention the departures in shambles of specialized employees.

In all likelihood, the Apple Car will have unique features running hand in hand with other Apple devices. This is one of the most important moonshots (secret projects) from the company founded by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak, alongside a virtual reality headset and connected glasses. - Official App – Official App

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