The 5 best cryptocurrency exchanges to know in 2022

It is not always easy to find and select your first platform for buy cryptocurrencies when we start. This is why today, in this blog post, you will find the 5 best cryptocurrency exchanges to know in 2022. Here is the list below.


Coinhouse offers a wonderful experience to beginners as experts, thanks to its simplicity and the quality of its customer service. However, it disappoints in use with its lack of sophistication. The fees are also highwhich makes the platform inaccessible to a wider audience wishing to learn about the most basic things.

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With over 90 million registered members, Binance is theone of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in the world. The platform is well known for its low transaction costsits wide selection of crypto available for purchase, and its crypto services such as staking, derivatives trading, margin trading, and NFT exchange.

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Bitpanda is an exchange platform specializing in digital currencies and has been founded in 2014. Over the years, and after raising $52 million in funds, this platform has over 1.2 million users worldwide.

>> Buy Cryptos on Binance is one of the best platforms ofcrypto exchange from our list. The main selling point of the platform is the wide range of services it offers, including trading, investment, staking and storage.

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We think Coinbase is an ideal starter app, with a exceptional user experience. The app is simple to use and features attractive visuals for novices on its basic version and features a pro version for more seasoned users. She is also a security-based application.

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