TESTIMONY. “My baby had a runny nose but it was hiding a rare blood cancer”

What started out as just symptoms of a cold ended in a diagnosis of blood cancer that affects fewer than 100 children in the United States each year.

At just 7 months old, Mia introduced the symptoms of a cold, which did not worry his mother, Anjna Caulton. It wasn’t until the mom noticed more serious changes in her daughter’s condition that she started to wonder. ” Mia had just started kindergarten. She suffered from a runny nose and had a feverish temperature“, she recalled. Before adding: When I look back during that time, she was particularly grumpy. She cried a lot. The Briton said she was ” destabilized by Mia’s lingering symptoms. However, his family and friends have assured ” that the immune system of the child was still developing.

I had no idea that it was in fact his immune system that had serious problems“said the mom. Mia quickly developed a bump above her ribs. The parents then thought of a simple insect bite. Then, hematomas settled on the arms and legs of the little girl. ” I wondered if I was holding her too tight while changing her diaper. Or if those bruises didn’t come from her crib“, confessed Anjna Caulton. ” Hundreds of terrible thoughts crossed my mind.“, she confided. After three consultations with the doctor, the child is sent to the hospital to pass several exams.

Symptoms of a very rare blood cancer

Of them weeks of testing revealed Mia’s diagnosis. It’s about a leukemia infantile acute lymphoblastic. This rare cancer blood and marrow disease affects approximately 90 children in the United States each year, all under the age of one, according to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Symptoms include a fever and unexplained bruising, as well as swollen lymph nodes. ” It was the scariest time of my life“said the dad. Mia had to undergo a battery of cancer treatments and procedures, including a chemotherapyblood transfusions, lumbar punctures and operations bone marrow.

As Mia fought for her life, her parents fought to fill it with ” as much positivity as possible“said the forties. ” She has achieved incredible milestones throughout the treatmentsuch as taking his first steps, his first birthday, his first words, Christmas and New Year. “, she testified. Three years after the date of her diagnosis, a good news fell. The doctors announced the remission of his disease. ” The care and support of Birmingham Children’s Hospital and Blood Cancer UK has given us the greatest gift imaginable: being able to watch our beautiful girl grow up and enjoy your childhood“said Mia’s father.

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