Teslas will be able to connect to Starlink’s new V2 satellite network

Starlink’s second-generation satellites will be able to communicate with 5G smartphones… but also with Teslas, confirmed Elon Musk.

Starlink, the SpaceX subsidiary that provides internet access via satellite, will send second-generation models into orbit starting next year. These satellites will be able to transmit data to 5G smartphones, which has the potential to eliminate all dead zones around the world, at least in places covered by the Starlink constellation.

Network everywhere

Elon Musk specified that the speed will be limited (from 2 to 4 Mbit / s in a given area), which will be sufficient for calls and messaging, less for Netflix in 4K and other more demanding uses. However, this technology (made possible by the presence of 5 to 6 meter antennas on the satellites) will make it possible to be reachable at all times, regardless of network coverage.

The American operator T-Mobile is the first partner of this innovation, with a launch planned by the end of next year in a few regions in the United States. Starlink obviously hopes to attract other operators but in the meantime, a new customer is very interested in this technology: Tesla!

Elon Musk has thus confirmed that this new satellite connection service will work in Tesla electric cars. Without giving much more details unfortunately. In the United States, the manufacturer’s vehicles connect to AT&T’s 4G LTE network. Without adequate coverage, drivers may find themselves without a network. This will no longer be the case with the new Starlink satellites. The benefits are particularly great, especially in emergencies where you have to call for help.

Currently, Tesla offers French drivers to subscribe to its Premium Connectivity offer at €9.99 per month (a one-year trial is offered for any order of a new model).

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