Teslas suddenly stop on the freeway

The self-driving car technology is still in full development to be 100% safe and reliable, both in terms of cars themselves as road infrastructure. The fact that there is still a long way to go is demonstrated by the regular incidents that are reported during the test phases of new models or in reality, with vehicles equipped with a function of semi-autonomous driving.

400,000 Tesla cars affected

Recently, new problems have been observed on the You’re here equipped with the system Full Self-Driving (FSD)a function of autonomous driving. Several conductors noticed that their vehicle suddenly and repeatedly slowed down on thehighway without any reason. This is not an isolated incident that could be considered driver clumsiness, as the NHTSA (the US Highway Safety Agency) has already received more than 750 complaints from owners of You’re herereports the daily “The Guardian”.

In any case, these would be Model 3 and Model Y built in 2021 and 2022. This means that potentially more than 400,000 You’re here could be affected by this issue. The NHTSA has therefore opened an investigation into this phenomenon of emergency braking “ghost” and has already handed over to You’re here a 14-page report containing several questions about these incidents: The function FSD Was it enabled at that time? Did the emergency braking systems work properly? … The institute is also seeking to obtain videos of the incidents and data on the vehicles involved to shed light on this matter.

Radar removed

More than 750 Teslas have been victims of

You’re here has yet to respond to reports from the NHTSA. However, the American media have speculated that the problems of emergency braking have nothing to do with a software problem of the function FSDbut with the fact that You’re here removed a radar from Model 3 and Model Y intended for the US market since 2021. This seems logical, since only a few model years will have to deal with this problem.

According You’re herethe current cameras would be sufficient for the function FSD works correctly. However, there is also a theory that the system cannot always correctly distinguish between an object and a shadow on the road, resulting in incorrect activation of the tracking system. emergency braking. The case is therefore still under investigation.

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