Tesla: you will soon no longer benefit from free navigation for life

Automaker Tesla is revamping its free service offerings. Elon Musk’s company offers two different connectivity packages: the standard pack, including integrated navigation, and the Premium pack. The latter offers live traffic visualization, music and video streaming, an Internet browser and sentry mode, an anti-theft device allowing you to continuously film everything that happens around the car.

However, until now, the standard pack was included in all of the brand’s vehicles. While the Premium pack was offered at 9.99 euros per month. From now on, the standard pack will be free only during the first eight years after purchase and will then turn into a subscription, the price of which is not yet known, indicate our colleagues from 20 Minutes.


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A fee that cannot be circumvented

If buyers of new or recent used vehicles will not be affected by this announcement, buyers of used Teslas may however see their bill increase. “If you buy a used vehicle, you will be informed of the duration during which your vehicle will include access to the standard connection”, specifies the manufacturer on its site. For now, this change only applies to new new and used vehicles purchased after July 20, 2022.

It will also not be possible to circumvent this future fee by using Apple CarPlay or Android Auto connectivity. Tesla cars are not compatible with these “mirror” applications, specifies 20 Minutes, which adds that the Tesla navigation system is necessary for autonomous driving which should be available by the end of the year.


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