Tesla will make its users vote for the location of its next Superchargers

Tesla has found a great way to know where to put its Superchargers: ask its customers.

Tesla has a very original way of deciding on the location of its future charging stations: it lets its users choose. More precisely, she makes them vote in order to know where they would like to find a Supercharger. This rather unique experiment will take place in the United States and Canada, but could very well be adapted in France.

It is on Twitter, through its official account and not by the voice of Elon Musk (surprise), that the Californian manufacturer announced this operation. The principle could not be simpler. The brand’s Twitter account publishes a survey, its followers suggest sites for future Superchargers, the responses that have obtained the most enthusiasm (retweet and like) determine the next locations of Tesla’s fast charging stations.

Tesla’s process should allow US and Canadian users to indicate geographical areas that may not be sufficiently covered in terms of Superchargers and for which there would be a high demand from Model 3, Model S and other Model drivers. Y. But not only. Since Tesla has opened its charging stations to other types of vehicles, interest in Superchargers has not been limited to California car owners.

Tesla already has one of the largest and most efficient networks in the world with its Superchargers, this new, more targeted initiative will only strengthen the brand’s presence.

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