Tesla wants to block the seat of its drivers for 5 minutes if they use this option too often in their car

Hacker @greentheonly reported one of his findings on Twitter: Tesla may be limiting how often its seats are readjusted. This young man has specialized in the search for surprising information. “I report what I see. If it’s good, it’s good; if it’s bad, it’s bad. It’s not up to me. Make them release more awesome stuff. Don’t shoot the messenger.” he said on his Twitter page.

Regarding Tesla, @greentheonly says the US firm is adding “a ‘seat abuse’ flag by disabling seat moves for stubborn users with messages like ‘Excessive use of seat mounting rails has been detected’, ‘Seat mounting rails blocked due to excessive use’ and ‘Wait 5 minutes to readjust seat position’.”

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@greentheonly digged into this weirdness further following the many feedbacks he got on this subject: “For any setting of 90 seconds in 5 minutes a warning will be issued. 120 seconds of use in 5 minutes will disable the motor for 5 minutes.” he added.

Also according to the hacker, two possibilities could push Tesla to add this functionality: “their replacement history could reveal that the motors are failing because of this incident” and “they now use lower quality motors at the factory and so added this check in the factory firmware in the first place.”

If no update contains the new restriction, it could well arrive shortly due to its recent appearance on the test models present at the factory. For Drive Tesla Canada, a site dedicated to Elon Musk’s brand, these new limitations would be linked to the collection of data aimed at reducing the risk of damage, leading to potential warranty costs.


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