Tesla unveils the final version of its electric truck

Unveiled in 2017, the Tesla has finally officially presented the definitive version of its Tesla Semi, an electric heavyweight supposed to revolutionize the sector.

A heavyweight electric from Tesla? It is now official ! The Tesla Semi will soon land on our roads. Unveiled in 2017, the American giant had to take out its vehicle from 2019.

Unfortunately for Tesla, the production heavyweight took late. It is therefore only in 2022 that the Palo-Alto firm can officially reveal what is supposed to revolutionize transport road.

A radiant comeback for Tesla

After the rain, the good weather for Tesla! Elon Musk knew galleys to throw his heavy weight electric. Fortunately for him, back to school 2022 looks like the best hospices.

It is on the official website of the American manufacturer that we discover the Tesla Semi in its version definitive. In particular, we note the equipment that is essential for its approval.

The model is equipped with big mirrors but also imposing rims in offset sheet metal. They replace here the flasks that we could see on the prototype in 2017.

Another feature of this machine: the place of the driver. In fact, this one is between of the cabin in order to improve Security during a shock.

Up to 805 kilometers of range

What matters most to an electric car, it is its autonomy. On this side, Tesla knows how to do it. To his launchthe Tesla Semi will offer different levels, ranging from 483km at 805km autonomy.

Of course, the different packs will not comprise the same batteries. Regardless of the choice, the engines must be capable of making 0 to 100 km/h in 20 seconds.

The other advantage of the Tesla Semi is its low cost in use. According to the American firm, the price should pass until €200,000 during the first three years of use compared to a thermal model. In question, its low consumption, divided according to Tesla by 2.5 per kilometer.

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A reasonable price ?

Thanks to this low consumptionTesla allows its customers a low immobility. In fact, the frequency maintenance is also seen scaled down.

On paper, the vehicle seems revolutionize road transport. It remains to know now the price to acquire such a device.

Because the competition has developed well since 2017 and it shouldn’t be You’re here sets the bar too high in terms of rateat the risk of knowing a certain flop at the level of sales.

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