Tesla teases the arrival of new energy products this year

When we think of Tesla, we can quickly forget that the firm is also very successful in the storage and production of renewable energy. During the last quarter, the solar division, in particular, posted excellent results in the United States.

Tesla improves the profitability of this section thanks to a better, more adapted offer. As a result, the firm is putting energy back into this division. And according to internal documents spotted by Electrek, new products are coming by the end of the year.

Tesla Energy will launch ambitious new products by the end of 2022

In the document in question Tesla explains, over the past two years, to have improved its offer of products dedicated to energy. The manufacturer has therefore moved from a mix of equipment supplied by third-party companies to its own equipment, equipped with an in-house software layer.

The opportunity for Seth Winger, engineering manager of the solar division at Tesla, to launch new next-generation Tesla Energy products by the end of 2022. For the time being, it is impossible to know more.

But Seth Winger, nevertheless clarified: “In 2022 we are investing massively in Tesla products. I can’t say exactly what happens because we want to maintain confidentiality, but these novelties concern photovoltaics, Solar Roof and Powerwall”.

The official nevertheless indicated that “pilot programs” would soon be launched. We know in particular that Tesla is testing a new version of the Solar Roof (v3.5) with certain employees. But according to Electrek, the upcoming novelty would embody a much more ambitious change.

Another new feature to come: Solar Roof customers will have a new, more visual purchase path, including the ability to interactively place solar panels on a plan of the roof of your home. This feature in the purchase journey is less anecdotal than one might think.

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Tesla indeed expects a 20% reduction in changes after obtaining the building permit, a 30% reduction in refusals, and overall a 10% reduction in processing times.

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