Tesla should easily exceed one million deliveries in 2022

Tesla has published its delivery and production figures for the 1st quarter of 2022. And once again, a new record has been broken by the Californian firm, which should easily cross the million mark by the end of 2022.

Tesla Model Y

An ascending curve that never stops progressing. Tesla has once again silenced its detractors with figures that are still as positive despite the delicate industrial, economic and geopolitical context affecting the automotive industry.

In the first quarter, the American group simply broke its records for electric cars delivered and produced. In total, no less than 310,048 Teslas were sent to customers around the world, for a total of 305,407 models assembled.

Model 3 and model Y: the stars of the catalog

These numbers are split in a totally unfair way between the Model S/X and Model 3/Y, as has always been the case for some time now. The large electric sedan and the generously sized SUV thus account for 14,724 deliveries and 14,218 units produced in parallel.

Tesla model 3 Propulsion-3
Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

Opposite, the compact sedan and SUV drive the counters crazy with 295,324 deliveries and 291,189 models assembled. Unfortunately, and as usual, Tesla does not distinguish the figures of its Model 3 and Model Y, and prefers to group everything under the same result.

Always higher

This method is regrettable, because it does not allow to measure the success of the Model Y which has everything to become the new star of the American catalog. Especially since the commissioning of the Gigafactory Berlin at the end of March 2022 should strengthen the dynamics of the vehicle throughout Europe.

With 310,048 deliveries in the first quarter, Tesla continues to beat its own records. In Q1 2021, the manufacturer listed 184,800, which was already a record at the time. The following quarters systematically broke a new glass ceiling, with 201,250, 241,300 and 308,600 deliveries respectively.

2022 Model S Model X Tesla
The Tesla Model S and Model X in 2022 version // Source: Tesla

As a reminder, one of Tesla’s major symbolic objectives is to cross the milestone of one million vehicles delivered. Unfortunately, the manufacturer had come close to this threshold in 2021 with 936,172 units sent. And without a doubt, the famous bar should be reached in 2022 in view of the excellent dynamics of the group.

All cards in hand

Admittedly, the semiconductor crisis has not necessarily made things easier since Covid-19, but it is difficult to imagine Tesla regressing over the year given its growing success and rising demand. To cross the million mark, it would also have to make 229,984 deliveries on average per quarter, which is well within its reach.

Tesla has an industrial device whose production capacity is now up to par, the best fast charger network in the world, a brand image that has been increasingly refined over the years, and above all, an offer to the ‘Excellent value. There is no more.

Good news, you may soon be able to rent a Tesla Model Y

Launched recently, the Tesla Model Y is slowly arriving at rental companies, including Hertz, which is about to receive a few copies.
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