Tesla promises to deliver its “Semi” by the end of the year

Elon Musk’s car brand, Tesla could complete an old dream and market its first truck.

Many people are waiting, with more or less measured impatience, for the release of the Cybertruck, Tesla’s ultra-futuristic electric pickup. Presented in November 2019, the latter should have arrived in the Austin and Berlin factories in 2021, but we are still waiting, and the most encouraging estimates today speak of 2023.

But Cybertruck fans aren’t the only ones waiting. Other potential Tesla customers have been waiting 5 years for the arrival of a car, or more specifically a truck, that is as wonderful as it is overdue. He who was, in the words of Elon Musk, to be put into production in 2019 has still not seen the light of day and today the “Semi” seems a forgotten project, by the brand itself.

The “Semi-Truck” the vehicle that no one expected anymore

But now the surprising CEO of the company comes, in the middle of summer, to tell us about this truck of the future, which would be able to travel no less than 500 miles (800 kilometers) thanks to its powerful batteries. In his last appearance on Twitter, the whimsical billionaire briefly returned to the project, which ensured that the latter was going to be shipped “at the end of this year”.

If for the moment the technical details are sorely lacking, we can estimate that the brand will have chosen batteries with 2170 cells or the 4680 cells, which are today marketed with the Model Y. The use of these exceptional products could quickly increase the note, the Tesla site announces that the “Semi-Truck” will be available around 180,000 dollars.

A more than surprising price, especially for a truck of this size. Experts also believe that these prices should be revised upwards in the coming weeks by the firm, in particular because of the evolution of the market in recent months and inflation which continues to climb.

Pespi: Tesla’s first customer?

Today the “Semi-Truck” is built in the temporary Tesla factory near Giga Nevada. Many people have already come across test vehicles on the roads of California. If these trucks have not yet been delivered, no one seems to know which company will be Tesla’s first customer either.

According to some analysts, Elon Musk could turn to Pepsi, the soft drink brand recently installed a supercharger in its Frito-Lay warehouse in Modesto, California. An action that is never really trivial, especially when you know the price of the installation.

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