Tesla Model Y outsells Tesla Model 3 in California

Although Tesla’s headquarters are now located in Austin, Texas, the state of California remains by far the company’s largest market in the United States.

Tesla’s dominance overall California auto market is still impressive, though that shouldn’t come as a big surprise considering the Golden State is home to more than 40% of the entire fleet of electric vehicles in the United States and is the largest automotive market in the entire country.

According to data provided by the California New Car Dealers Association, the Tesla Model Y and Model 3 became the best-selling automobiles in the state of California during the first half of the year. This has been true for all types of vehicles, not just EVs.

The Tesla Model Y overtook the Tesla Model 3 as the state’s most popular model after recording 42,320 sales in the first six months of 2022. The Model 3 came right behind with 38,993 sales. The fact that these volumes be roughly equivalent to sales Model Y and Model 3 in Europe over the same period shows just how big the electric vehicle market is in California.

Model Y and Model 3 have both enjoyed resounding success in their respective markets, with the former achieving a market share of 54.2% for luxury compact SUVs and the second a market share of 60.8% for quasi-luxury cars.

The Mercedes-Benz GLC came in second behind the Model Y with 7,856 sales, and the Lexus ES came in third behind the Model 3 with 5,159 sales. Both vehicles were manufactured by Tesla.

Other models

The Tesla Model S took the top spot in its market segment, which includes high-end luxury and sports cars, with 5,791 sales and a market share of 21.7%. It is thus ahead of the BMW 5 Series, which has only reached 2,792 sales and a share of 10.5%.

The Lexus RX was the market leader in its category (midsize luxury SUV), with 8.4% market share and 8,796 sales, while the Model X came in fourth in its category with 3 791 sales and a market share of 8.4%.

With a stunning 82.2% increase from the first half of 2021, when it sold 49,875 units, Tesla sold a total of 90,985 automobiles in the state of California during the first half of 2022.

You might be shocked to learn that Tesla was the second best-selling auto brand in California overall, with a 10.7% share of the state’s new car and light truck market if you look the exact results (see the link to the source at the bottom of the page). The only automaker to do better than Tesla is Toyota, with 152,838 sales accounting for 17.9% of the market share.

Tesla was by far the best-selling premium auto brand in California, selling three times as many vehicles as BMW (30,046 units), 2.5 times as many as Mercedes-Benz (35,815) and 3. 5 times more than Lexus. Here are some other interesting conclusions that can be drawn from this data: (24,630). What’s even more amazing is that Tesla was able to outsell well-known companies with pickup truck lines, like Chevrolet (53,226), Ford (74,146), Honda (72,990) and Nissan (41,052). ).

Tesla attributes some of its extraordinary success in the state of California, in addition to strong incentives and EV-friendly policies, to the Fremont plant being able to simply and quickly supply the local market.

The most productive automobile manufacturing plant in North America in 2021, with weekly production of 8,550 vehicles and annual capacity of 600,000 units.

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