Tesla Model Y: First deliveries in Singapore

Today, Tesla announced that deliveries of its all-electric Model Y compact SUV have begun in Singapore. The Model Y allows the Californian manufacturer to impose itself in the category of compact crossover utility vehicles (CUV). Its versatility and versatility helped make it the company’s most popular car.

Arrival of the Model Y in the Pacific zone

Tesla has released a number of photos of new Model Y buyers in Singapore receiving their vehicle after purchasing it. In June, Tesla began accepting reservations for its SUV, in preparation for the Model Y’s upcoming release in a number of countries in and around Asia.

Tesla began accepting Model Y orders in the following countries: Singapore, Japan, Australia and New Zealand in June. Deliveries of the vehicles only started a few weeks ago.

Availability and terms of purchase

According to information provided by its Design Studio, Tesla offers the Model Y in Singapore in two distinct trim levels:

  • The base price of a Model Y RWD is SGD$91,990 ($66,635.52, or €65,744.68),
  • while the price of a Model Y Performance is SGD$110,990 ($80,398.70, or €79,323.86).

If an order for the car is placed now, the current projection is that it won’t be delivered until late 2022.

In addition, Singapore offers an early adoption bonus for electric vehicles, which provides a refund of SGD$25,000 ($17,919.75, or €17,680.18) if the bonus is used before December 31, 2022. According to Tesla, another refund in the amount of SGD$20,000 ($14,335.80, or €14,144.15) can be considered before December 31, 2023.

Local market evolution

Automaker Tesla sent units built at the Shanghai Gigafactory to Singapore’s ION Orchard mall, after the launch of order banks in Singapore for the Model Y.

Photo of the entrance to Ion Orchard, Singapore
Entrance to Ion Orchard, Singapore (source: Ion Orchard)

ION Orchard is Singapore’s largest shopping mall. Until then, Tesla owners in this country did not systematically display their vehicles, so that interested parties (potential consumers) could take a look at their vehicles.

Earlier this year, as the first Model 3 sales began to arrive in Singapore, Tesla set up an infrastructure of Superchargers in the country. Since then, there has been growing interest in electric vehicles (EVs) across the microstate.

And that prompted the country’s government to consider new legislation. This would make it mandatory to install electric vehicle chargers in at least 1% of all parking spaces inside buildings.

Dominance of the Model Y

According to information provided by CleanTechnica, the Model Y was the second best-selling EV in the world in January, just ahead of the Wuling HongGuang Mini EV in terms of sales. The Wuling HongGuang Mini EV is both very inexpensive and readily available in the fiercely competitive Chinese car market.

Global electric vehicle sales chart, January 2022, with the Tesla Model Y holding the top spot.

Nonetheless, Tesla CEO Elon Musk predicted years ago that the Model Y would become the company’s most popular automobile. Last month, 29,829 Model Ys were delivered worldwide.

The company is committed to significantly expanding its sales, service and charging support here in Singapore to provide a seamless and convenient Tesla ownership experience.

The company has already set up a total of 24 Superchargers at nine different charging locations in Singapore, the most recent of which is at Great World. If a Model Y Performance is connected to one of these Superchargers and allowed to charge at the maximum speed of 250 kW, it can regain up to 120 kilometers of range in just five minutes.

Instagram source of the image of this delivery

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