Tesla Model 3: prices rise again

The Tesla Model 3, entry level with the manufacturer, was already subject to a price increase last March, but now only 2 months after the last increase in its prices, they are starting to rise again to exceed €50,000. The new pricing is detailed on Abcacteur.

Entry-level at €50,000

Formerly displayed at €46,990, the Tesla Model 3 base did not yet exceed the 50,000€ mark but now the American manufacturer is asking €50,990 for the most affordable version of the Model 3.

The Model 3 Long Autonomy sees its price increase by €1,000 to go to €59,990 and reach the limit of the ecological bonus which is set at €60,000. The next increase could deprive the vehicle of the allocation of the €2,000 bonus

Regarding the version Performance from the Tesla Model 3, it goes to €64,990 after having suffered a raise of €2,000.

A tense situation

In order to understand this new price increase for the Tesla Model 3, it is worth recalling the tense situation in the current automotive market. Confinements in China and the war in Ukraine make access to certain components more complicated, which increases the price of these essential parts for the manufacture of a vehicle. Tesla is no exception and must pass on these constraints to its selling prices.

This is a boon for Tesla Model 3 owners who see that the discount of their vehicle is slowed down due to the increase in the price of new identical versions and their lengthening delay.

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