Tesla Model 3 Price Increase

Overnight Tesla increases the prices of the Model 3. An increase that may have repercussions on the number of sales.

€2,000 more

Prices for the Tesla Model 3 increase from €44,990 to €46,990 for the entry-level version. €2,000 increase in the manufacturer’s price but which is actually higher for the consumer.

End of the €6,000 bonus

Indeed, with a price that now exceeds €45,000, the Model 3 is no longer eligible for the maximum bonus reserved for electric vehicles. It is no longer €6,000 in state aid but only €2,000 that the buyer can expect to receive. Thus the final increase amounts to €6,000. The price of an entry-level Tesla Model 3, bonus deducted, therefore goes from €38,990 to €44,990. An increase which can potentially be explained by the difficult supply of raw materials and the explosion of their costs due to the Russian-Ukrainian conflict.

It now remains to be seen whether this price increase will not limit Tesla in its results which were in full expansion in 2021.

Paul Emile

Paul Emile

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