Tesla lists nearly 4,000 supercharger stations worldwide

In the second quarter of 2022, You’re here succeeded in disseminating 3,971 radio stations supercharger across the world, thus recording an increase in its deployment of 33.88% compared to the same period of 2021, which accounted for 2,966. This is revealed by the financial platform Finbold, whose compiled data also highlights before the development exponential growth in the supercharger segment over the year alone. Over the last three months of 2022 (April, May, June), the resorts Tesla numbered 3,724, an increase of 7.13% compared to the previous quarter (January, February, March).

Locations to support its global sales strategy

Whether You’re here is actively promoting the opening of supercharger stations around the world – and especially in the United States, where You’re here collaborates with the Californian authorities to implement the electric vehicles in rural areas – it is not by chance. These indeed play a key role in supporting the transition of drivers towards the electric mobilitydomain in which You’re here intends to establish itself as a leading brand. By ensuring a network of recharge rapid extended, the builder American specialist in the manufacture of EVs thus guarantees support for the transition toelectromobility fleets on the planet while supporting its electrified sales.

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To note that You’re here also managed to overcome the shortage of semiconductors by reworking his software so that it allows the system to builder to be compatible with other chip supply options. Along with technological development, You’re here plans to open its network of superchargers to electric vehicles of other brands. A desire likely to affect its competitive advantage but which would permanently establish its place as a committed player in theelectromobility.

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