Tesla launches a new unusual accessory for singing in the car

Long car journeys can sometimes be boring. But that was without counting on the limitless inventiveness of the Tesla factories and its CEO, Elon Musk. On the occasion of the Chinese New Year this Tuesday, February 1, the automaker unveiled a brand new accessory only available in China for the moment: the TeslaMic. This is a microphone kit for organizing karaoke parties in the car. Electrek media published the first images of this unusual object on YouTube on January 28.

To celebrate each start of the year, Tesla has made a habit of designing fun new elements on board its vehicles. This time, the American giant has bet on the good atmosphere and the family spirit. A box including two microphones, together with an additional battery, is now available in stores located in China. Both microphones are designed to work with Leishi KTV, a karaoke system that is included in the new update made on Tesla vehicles.

A gift from Tesla to its Chinese customers

Priced at 1,199 Chinese yuan, or around 168 euros, the kit should appeal to Chinese owners. Indeed, karaoke has always been a very popular activity in Asian countries. In China, more than 50,000 karaoke rooms are listed. This musical function in Tesla vehicles has existed since 2019, but the interface and the catalog offered are greatly improved in this new update. And as the car manufacturer led by Elon Musk does not forget any detail, some sound effects have been installed to help singers less comfortable with the exercise.


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If you are a karaoke fan, don’t panic, the accessory will soon be available in other countries. According to information from Electrek, the American giant has every intention of launching the TeslaMic to other markets in the years to come. Pending new information, only the Chinese will be able to bring their microphones to start the year of the tiger in song


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