Tesla is working on integrating the Steam video game platform into its cars

New video games should soon be included in the entertainment catalog offered by Tesla. The automaker is working on integrating games from the Steam platform, reports Phonandroid. According to a recent report from the Electrek news site, the company founded by Elon Musk is investing large sums to increase “games that can be played inside Tesla vehicles” to meet demand.

The catalog of embedded games already offers several legendary titles, such as Cuphead or Sonic for example. Now Steam is also being integrated. The information was confirmed by Elon Musk himself: the company is “progressing in the integration of Steam”, he said in a tweet, adding that it was possible to expect a demo “probably next month”.

Multiplayer mode

In particular, it will be possible to play AAA games, such as Cyberpunk 2077 or The Witcher 3, thanks to the new AMD Ryzen processor, more powerful than its predecessor, implemented in the cars of the American brand. Processing power reaches up to 10 teraflops, enough to rival consoles such as the PS5. Multiplayer mode will also be available thanks to the recent Tesla software update. Finally, users will be able to play with several controllers connected via bluetooth.

However, these games will only be accessible when the vehicle is stationary, during charging times for example. Playing on the move will only be possible when the vehicles are fully autonomous.

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