Tesla is removing the free mobile charger from its cars, you will have to buy the cable separately

Tesla has stopped including its Mobile Connector in the purchase of new cars. Unfortunately for future Tesla owners, you will now have to buy the cable separately if you want to plug your car into a conventional power outlet.

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There are several ways to charge one of Tesla’s electric vehicles. Many customers have a dedicated wall connector installed in their homeand the company operates tens of thousands of stations Supercharger that can charge your car in tens of minutes.

However, some customers also used a special cable that allows their electric vehicle to be charged from a standard power outlet. Charging takes much longer, but customers have the advantage of being able to charge their vehicle from wherever they want. The problem is that Tesla will stop supplying its “Mobile Connector” cablebecause not enough customers were using it.

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You will have to buy the cable separately, but Tesla will lower its price

According to the Electrek website, rather than including the mobile chargers for free with every car, Tesla has started selling them separately for $400 for Level 2 charging and $275 for Level 1. However, drivers quickly expressed their anger on social networks, which prompted Elon Musk to announce that the price was going to be reduced to just $200 for the level 2 loader.

Tesla is also going to make sure it’s ” easy to order with the car “. Additionally, the automaker will include more adapters in the mobile charging kit than previously included, in addition to cutting the price in half. As a reminder, the cable of Tesla allows to recharge 18 km of autonomy per hour of charge.

Tech giant Apple made a similar decision in 2020, when it stopped offering a charger and headphones with its iPhone. Reports suggest the company saved around $6.5 billion as a result of the move. Tesla’s decision has also come under fire, with users sharing their displeasure on social media.

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Credit: Tesla

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