Tesla is about to take a huge step

Some Tesla Superchargers are open to all vehicles with a CCS port in Europe, and it looks like Tesla is laying the groundwork to offer the same across the Atlantic. However, the problem is quite different, as we shall see.

Opel Mokka-e
The Opel Mokka-e on Supercharger // Source: D. Nogueira

In November 2021, Tesla started its pilot program to open Superchargers to other brands at certain stations in the Netherlands. Some time later, other countries were involved, including the Netherlands where all Superchargers are accessible to everyone, but also France. Until now, one of the largest markets for the manufacturer was missing: the United States. If the latest indiscretions are to be believed, that is about to change.

The charge for all, yes, but on one condition

If in Europe, any car equipped with a CCS port can be charged on a Tesla Supercharger open to all, in the United States it will require additional equipment, otherwise it will be impossible to fill its battery. Indeed, while the European Tesla Model 3 and Model Y are equipped with a CCS port like the majority of vehicles on the continent allowing fast charging, the American Tesla charging port is a proprietary format, unique to the firm of Elon Musk.

Tesla Wall Connector USA
The charging port of a Tesla in the USA is different // Source: Tesla

Vehicles from other brands use a CCS port (CCS1 in the United States against CCS2 in Europe), preventing them for the moment from being able to connect to Tesla Superchargers, even if they were open to everyone. Two solutions are then available to the Texas firm: equip the Superchargers with an additional CCS cable, or sell an adapter to convert the Supercharger cable into a CCS cable. We do not yet know which solution Tesla intends to adopt.

The price of the adapter is not yet known, but based on the adapters currently sold by the manufacturer, it should be around 250 dollars. Finally, in the manner of what is done in Europe, owners of non-Tesla vehicles will be able to pay a monthly subscription in order to obtain a reduced rate on the charge. In France, this monthly rate (without commitment) is 12.99 euros and allows you to recharge for 0.50 euro per kWh, against 0.67 euro otherwise.

As revealed by a user on Twittera small error had crept into the American application recently, displaying a price of 0.99 dollarswhich disappeared so quickly, giving free rein to everyone’s imagination to guess the true price of this subscription.

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