Tesla installs a swimming pool on a Supercharger terminal

The Tesla experiment pushed even further. The automaker has decided to install a swimming pool near its Supercharger terminals in Germany, as part of the development of its charging stations, reports Electrek. Thus a real mobile swimming pool has now taken place in Hilden, as evidenced by a video of the installation of the pool, posted by David from the Tesla Welt Podcast.

The inauguration of the first Tesla swimming pool took place on August 4th. This basin, which looks like a large container, allows customers to put on their bathing suits, bathe, dry off, just before their vehicle is fully loaded. Balls are also made available to bathers, to push the experience even further.


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Tesla’s Supercharger station in Hilden is one of the largest in Germany with 40 chargers (8 Superchargers up to 150 kW and 32 Superchargers up to 250 kW), details Electrek. The station is one of the first in the country to have opened to electric vehicles of other brands. It is also equipped with solar panels and already other conveniences, such as restaurant signs. Last week, the specialized media had already announced the deployment of Tesla lounges offering coffee and food, in certain charging stations.


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