Tesla increases the comfort of its cars with a simple software update

The Tesla Model S and Model X equipped with controlled suspensions will filter the roughness of the road in a preventive way.

07-20 Autopilot

Tesla has just confirmed in the 2022.20 update release notes that its vehicles now analyze damaged roads and other potholes, so that the adaptive suspensions are adjusted in real time. If this can have an interest in the future of autonomous driving, even the daily life of those who navigate on bumpy roads can be improved.

An announcement by Elon Musk from February 2020

Almost two and a half years ago, the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk had confirmed on Twitter that the vehicles could analyze the roads on which they pass to give various information to the brand’s entire fleet of cars. It is now done, for the part relating to the roughness of the road.

This information will no doubt pass through Tesla’s servers, before being pushed to each vehicle during remote updates. Concretely, this means that if a Tesla drives on a damaged road, the cameras will interpret this as information to be shared with all the other cars of the manufacturer, and when a Tesla Model S or Model X equipped with controlled suspensions arrives on the same road section, the suspensions will automatically adjust in prevention.

The 2022.20 update release notes state that ” Tesla Adaptive Suspensions will now adjust ground clearance when approaching a damaged stretch of road. This adjustment may occur at different geographic locations, depending on availability, since the vehicle needs to download damaged road data generated by Tesla vehicles“.

This is the first confirmation of what Elon Musk suggested in February 2020 in response to a question from a Tesla owner. If the basic idea was to allow Autopilot to avoid potholes, today it is a feature that will help drivers, since the suspensions will do preventive work on the quality of the road ahead.

Of course, this does not concern either the Tesla Model Y or the Tesla Model 3, which do not benefit from controlled suspensions.

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