Tesla increases (again and again) the prices of the Model 3 and Model Y in France

The price list of the Tesla catalog has further evolved upwards. The cheapest Model 3 is approaching €55,000. It was less than €45,000 six months ago.

A few months ago, you could order a Tesla Model 3 for €36,800, deducting the maximum ecological bonus of €6,000 from the displayed price (€43,800). Today, the same car costs €53,490 due to a new price increase that occurred overnight (in the wake of that observed by Electrek on June 15). This new price allows you to benefit from a small discount of €1,000.

All models available in France have therefore undergone further inflation, with an increase that can reach up to €3,000 for the Model Y Performance (from €66,990 to €69,990). This is not the first time this year that Tesla has reviewed its prices: this was the case in March and, more recently, in May. The year 2022 is very complicated for the automaker and ordering a Tesla today is a real headache.

Tesla Model Y // Source: Raphaelle Baut for Numerama

Up to €3,000 inflation for Tesla cars

Here is the evolution of Tesla prices observed on June 17 :

Old price New price Bonuses
Model 3 Old price€50,990 New price€53,490 Bonuses€1,000
Model 3 Long Autonomy Old price€59,990 New price€62,490 Bonuses
Model 3 Performance Old price€64,990 New price€66,490 Bonuses
Model Y Long Autonomy Old price€62,990 New price€64,990 Bonuses
Model Y Performance Old price€66,990 New price€69,990 Bonuses

The Model S and Model X are not affected by these increases, because the new versions, with a redesigned interior and a Plaid transmission (three engines), are still not available in France.

Added to this inflation is another problem for Tesla: endless delivery times. If you order a white Model 3 today, you won’t receive it until April 2023 (at the earliest). Only the Performance version has a reasonable waiting time, with delivery scheduled for the end of the year (between October and December). Regarding the Model Y, it all depends on the color, but sometimes you have to wait until May 2023.

The current situation does not invite optimism for a return to normal, that is to say less versatile prices and shorter delivery times. Tesla, like other companies, is suffering from global component shortages — linked to the coronavirus pandemic and the war in Ukraine. Some raw materials are becoming scarcer and, consequently, their cost is increasing (which affects prices).

Note, however, that a price increase can be seen as a mechanism to reduce orders and provide some relief to a dying production line in times of crisis. We also recall that the Shanghai factory was closed for a few weeks, due to yet another confinement.

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