Tesla France: the power of the hybrid

Created in 2003 in Silicon Valley by the duo formed by Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning, the American manufacturer Tesla has experienced particularly rapid development… thanks in particular to the capital contribution of a certain Elon Musk became, a few years later, president of the company then president and managing director. It was also under his presidency that the brand’s first model was born: the Roadster. A small convertible capable of 0 to 100 km / h in 3.9 seconds thanks to its 215 kW (292 horsepower) engine and with a range of just over 350 kilometers.

Present on French soil since 2010, the American manufacturer has established itself in the national automotive landscape over the years and the evolution of its range. Thus, according to our data, last year, 7,373 Tesla have been registered in France, including 3,260 in fleets. A fine performance linked to the success of the small Model 3 – the most accessible vehicle in the range – whose sales reached 6,477 units. In the first five months of 2021, Tesla has already greatly exceeded its volumes for 2020. There are indeed 8,110 new vehicles on the road, including nearly 2,000 in fleets.

To market its vehicles in the territory, the brand relies on a multi-channel strategy combining online sales and physical transactions within its branches and not concessions, as may be the case for its competitors.

Various formats

After the opening of the Lille and Strasbourg sites in 2020, Tesla inaugurated at the beginning of 2021, three new points of sale in Chambéry, Montpellier and Mulhouse. In addition to its headquarters in Chambourcy (head office of the brand and branch), eighteen establishments now welcome customers in France. Sites with varied configurations depending on their location.

In very urban areas, Tesla relies more on small corners than on real showrooms, major consumers of land. Example in Paris where the shop on the Place de la Madeleine serves as a showcase for the brand. With 250m2 available, only one or two models can be exhibited there. Inside, a space has been set up to discover the vehicles in more detail (available colors, rims, trim, accessories, etc.) while computers and tablets are available to perfect your knowledge of the desired model or configure it. on line.

Tesla France has also chosen to be present in shopping centers. In the Paris region, the brand has a store in the Westfield Vélizy 2 and Parly 2 centers. Here again, the discovery of vehicles is possible in a traditional way and supplemented by a digital device. Trials are also offered to prospects. However, after-sales services cannot be provided.

Mobile orders

“At Tesla, the shopping experience is different from any other car dealership. All of our customers purchase their vehicle online, whether from the comfort of their own home or assisted by a Tesla Advisor over the phone or in store. All prices are fixed, so there are no long and tedious negotiations to have before finalizing your order”, recalls the American manufacturer. Depending on the brand, “Three-quarters of customers placed their order from home because it only takes a minute.” In France, a fifth of customers have even made their purchase “from their mobiles or tablets”.

The manufacturer’s website is designed as an online store: it is possible to configure your tailor-made vehicle as well as to draw from the stock of available vehicles, a guarantee of faster delivery. In all cases, the rates are presented in cash or in the form of a monthly payment (LOA 60 months/10,000 annual kilometres). The customer pays the reservation fee while payment of the total price of the vehicle will be required seven days before the scheduled delivery date. “Data on shopping habits in Europe revealed that 4 p.m. is the time Tesla owners most frequently bought their car, with a very busy window between 3 and 6 p.m. Tuesday is the most popular day, closely followed by Wednesday,” laughs Tesla in a press release.

Aftermarket patrol boats

“To best serve the half-million new owners who purchased their vehicle in 2020, Tesla has invested heavily in its aftermarket network. In Europe, the number of Tesla centers has increased by 30% in the past year, making it possible to offer 99% more available intervention slots and to reduce the waiting time for an appointment by 54%. », tells us the brand.

The maintenance of a Model 3, a Model S or a Model X can therefore be carried out in the branches, within one of the “Service Centers”. By using a remote diagnostic tool, the teams “save precious time to anticipate the intervention”. During operations, drivers have the option of accessing a dedicated space, with Wi-Fi connection, to work on site or wait. “Tesla can also allocate VTC vouchers free of charge, allowing them to go to a professional meeting or make purchases”.

The manufacturer also offers a mobile assistance and maintenance service called “Service Mobile”. “To provide a hands-on experience to customers and save them travel, Tesla has invested in a fleet of mobile technicians for several years. Specially trained and mainly equipped with refurbished Model S, these technicians can go to the most convenient place for the owner and carry out 80% of the maintenance operations”.

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