Tesla does not democratize the ecological transition

Bruno Le Maire gives him as an example to the French automobile industry. What consecration: Tesla even received the anointing of the French Minister of the Economy, Monday, within the framework of a day organized by the automotive profession with the presidential candidates or their representatives! But Bruno Le Maire forgets for the occasion that the Californian firm specializing in high-end automobiles is nothing less than democratic in its selling prices. Not enough to popularize the much-vaunted ecological transition. Its vehicles are aimed at Happy Few. And it does not work out! Favoring its most expensive models with high margins, Tesla thus sacrifices the availability of its “entry-level” versions… For the basic version at 46,990 euros – all the same! – and the so-called Long Autonomy at 55,590 (!), “delivery times are one year”, announces Tesla France. Record delays. One of these models ordered today will therefore not be available before… February 2023!

Moreover, said basic version has just seen its price climb to the passage of 3,000 euros according to the importer. Therefore, the Tesla 3 is no longer eligible for the super bonus of 6,000 euros, which is granted by the State for vehicles under 45,000 euros! The amateur will have to be satisfied in principle with a taxpayer’s aid of 2,000 euros. Provided that it is maintained in 2023. On the other hand, if the French customer wants to order a Model 3 Performance sedan at… 59,990 euros, there, no problem! In this case, it will be delivered “within two to three months”, assures Tesla France. The selection by money is obvious. Demand is so strong from the Chinese factory in Shanghai, which produces the Tesla 3, that the Fremont label would certainly be wrong to deprive itself.

14th in France

And don’t count on the new Model Y, its SUV derivative, for a more affordable offer! On the contrary. This one, also imported from China, starts at 59,990 euros (Great autonomy). Waiting for the first deliveries of Model Y, coming from the new factory in Grünheide, near Berlin. But that will first deliver the high-end versions, such as the Performance at 66,690 euros. The range of the American brand, popular with trendy sores and stars of “show business”, peaks at 150,000 euros.

The Tesla 3 was, last year, the 14e most popular car on the French auto market with 24,911 registrations, or 1.5% of the total market. Just behind the Fiat 500 and ahead of the small Volkswagen Polo, according to the PFA (Plateforme automobile). It was even the first electric sold in France, ahead of the Renault Zoé (23,573) whose benefits are certainly very limited but which costs almost half of a Tesla 3 Performance. The place obtained by the Tesla 3 shows to what extent the electric car market remains elitist today. On the other hand, the Tesla 3 ranked 17e rank in Europe (141,430), all models combined, up 64% on 2000, according to data collector Jato.

Better than a BMW

The Tesla 3 is a great success with its intrinsic performance, ahead of the electric competition. Compared by Challenges to a BMWi4, it has a balanced chassis and very direct steering. It beats the BMW on the performance front. Its two engines deliver a cumulative power of around 370 horsepower (the precise value is not communicated by the brand). On the highway, the maximum radius of action reaches 400 km, which remains derisory compared to a large diesel road car, but the reset value greater than the 330 of the Bavarian.

In 2020, the group led by Elon Musk passed for the first time the milestone of 500,000 cars sold, close to a million a year laterdespite the pandemic and the semiconductor crisis. After losing a whopping $4.5 billion between 2016 and 2019, the high-tech firm managed in 2020 to finally generate a net profit of $721 million, then a record profit of $5.5 billion over the year. 2021, with a very respectable operating margin doubled to 12%. End of October 2021, Tesla’s capitalization blasted the $1 trillion markrs. Since then, it has certainly fallen because of the global crisis caused by the war in Ukraine. But it remains at 800 billion. This is 3.5 times more than that of Toyota, the world number one.

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