Tesla: Disgruntled Norwegian Customers Reportedly Started Hunger Strike

In Norway, the country where the electric car is king, very dissatisfied Tesla customers have decided to challenge Elon Musk, with a rather shocking method. Are American electric car owners really on a hunger strike? Even if it is difficult to answer this question, they succeeded, knowing that the boss of Tesla Inc, would have answered them indirectly in a rather dry way, literally and figuratively.

Under the manner “Tesla hunger strike”, owners of electric cars “made in the USA” have come together to complain with, as their main support, an eponymous website. On the latter, a long list of inconveniences was published about Teslas as a message to Elon Musk.

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In Norway, winter temperatures can drop well below 0°. According to the website teslaunderstrike.comthis would be a major problem for Tesla owners: “The car won’t start in cold weather” and “Door handles won’t open in cold weather”. In French, “The car does not start in cold weather” and “The door handles do not open in cold weather”. That’s not all because, the grievances against Tesla are, in total, 30 in number and the Norwegian customer service of the car manufacturer from across the Atlantic is, among other things, spared: “Tesla promises to contact you, but you do not hear from them”. Norwegian motorists who drive a Tesla are apparently also very unhappy about the malfunctioning charging stations.

Finally, known for his whimsical side, Elon Musk would have responded, indirectly, in a rather questionable way, to the complaints of the Norwegians relayed on Twitterthis by the following message: “On the advice of a good friend, I have been fasting periodically and I feel healthier.” Indeed, Erlen Morch’s tweet is dated August 28 and Elon Musk’s August 29…


Picture: website teslaunderstrike.com and LesVoitures.com

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