Tesla continues to promote the charging of electric cars on a conventional socket in Europe

Tesla continues to deliver its vehicles with its Mobile Connector contrary to what was announced earlier.


Article updated on July 15 at 11:30 a.m. : Tesla has updated its site, and the manufacturer has confirmed to us that European vehicles finally continue to be delivered with the mobile connector contrary to what was previously indicated. But until when ?

Original article from July 5, 2022 at 11:08 am : We told you about it less than three months ago, and what we feared has happened in France: you will have to go to the cash register to be able to recharge your Tesla at home on a domestic socket.

A really essential accessory?

According to Tesla, the main reason why the mobile connector (CRO for occasional charging cable) will no longer be included is that the usage rates seem very low, and thus the majority of the brand’s vehicle owners were charging on a wallbox rather than a household outlet.

As a reminder, with a classic household socket, the charging power will be between 2 kW and 3 kW, allowing you to recover between 10 and 15 kilometers of autonomy per hour of charging. If you have a range of off-peak hours of eight consecutive hours, you will be able to recover between 80 and 120 kilometers of autonomy.

This use should be sufficient for the majority of customers, who will only travel a few tens of kilometers per day on average. Thus, using the mobile connector to recharge was until now a simple, economical solution, but it will have to be reconsidered.

Tesla Mobile Connector
The Tesla mobile connector on the online store // Source: Tesla

Offered for purchase at 200 euros, it will now be necessary to consider whether the purchase of the mobile connector is a necessity, or whether it is better to invest in another charging solution, such as a wallbox for example. The interest of the mobile connector also resided in the fact that different adapters existed, which which allows for example to recharge on a P17 industrial socket, at a power of 7.4 kW in single phase.

A price drop

We nevertheless welcome the drop in price of the mobile connector to better pass the pill, since the universal mobile connector offered previously was displayed at 340 euros, against 200 euros today. Still, it’s one more purchase to be expected, especially for those who travel a lot and want to recharge on vacation, where it is less easy to find a charging station, and where a power outlet classic is sufficient.

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