Tesla banned from selling its cars in California?

The case is causing a stir in the United States, after the DVM, the agency in charge of motor vehicles in California, accused Tesla of lying to consumers about its self-driving technologies and filed complaints with a court state administration.

Tesla in the sauce! Of the one that could turn sour. Thus, according to information published in the American press at the end of last week, the manufacturer of electric vehicles will have to answer several complaints filed by the California Motor Vehicle Agency (DMV), which accuses Tesla of lying to consumers about its self-driving technologies.

Revocation of Tesla licenses in California?

In other words, according to a document relating to this complaint and published in the Los Angeles Times “Tesla has made or disseminated false or misleading statements, and not based on facts (…) Tesla vehicles never could, and now cannot, operate as autonomous vehicles. ” This case brought to justice by the DVM is a victory for the Californian authority over Tesla, which could have severe consequences for the manufacturer, going as far as the revocation of the licenses authorizing Tesla to manufacture or sell its cars in California, further indicates the LA Times, which specifies that the measures envisaged relate rather to the precision of the information that the manufacturer will have to provide to its customers.

Finally, remember that Tesla vehicles equipped with self-driving software reportedly involved in 273 crashes in USaccording to a report published in June by the United States Highway Safety Agency (NHTSA), which is investigating the American manufacturer’s driver assistance system.

Published on 08/11/2022 Updated 08/11/2022

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