Tesla and Neuralink announce their event, what to expect?

Elon Musk’s companies will once again put on a show in the second half. At Neuralink, a third conference is coming, the opportunity to offer new demonstrations and make announcements on the startup’s future schedule. Same thing at Tesla, which has just announced its new Ai Day, the manufacturer’s special artificial intelligence event.

Last year, the Tesla Ai Day was planned for August. We were able to discover the brand’s famous humanoid robot, which Xiaomi has recently duplicated with the release of its own model. This year could be the opportunity to come back to the development of the latter, called Tesla Bot, but also to the Autopilot of cars (which will cost more).

Neuralink is certainly the most discreet of Elon Musk’s companies and it may have its reasons. Over the past two years, it has faced many departures among its executives and employees. One of the co-founders even joined its main competitor, Synchron. As a reminder, the two companies are working on a brain implant to help people with paralysis to control equipment “by thought”.

The crucial information at Neuralink concerns a possible green light from the authorities for the arrival of life-size tests… on human beings. Synchron doubled Neuralink on this point and Elon Musk indicated a few hours ago that he would be interested in investing in the company. That is to say the atmosphere…

The Tesla Ai Day also has a lot on its plate. At a time when the Autopilot calendar is getting longer and its prices are increasing, the future event will be an opportunity for Tesla to promote its latest advances and perhaps tell us more about what’s next. Last year, Tesla’s director of artificial intelligence, Andrej Karpathy, explained that the manufacturer’s Full Self Driving would draw even more inspiration from brain analysis.

The dates of Tesla Ai Day and the Neuralink conference

Tesla and Neuralink will not offer their conference jointly, but one month apart. Priority to Tesla on September 30 next, from Palo Alto, California. As for the event Neuralink, it will take place on October 31… Halloween day. In a tweet, Elon Musk made it clear that a demonstration was planned. After pigs in 2020 and monkeys last year, the vagueness is still total on what society has in store for us.

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