Tesla already ahead of German premiums?

Despite shortages and other economic concerns hampering Tesla’s production in its factories, the American manufacturer continues to make progress around the world. After approaching one million cars sold in 2021, Elon Musk’s brand should approach the bar of one and a half million vehicles in 2022, or even that of two million if the manufacturer manages to accelerate the pace in the second half and make up for the delay of recent months (particularly due to the coronavirus crisis in China).

To the point of catching up and overtaking the giants of German premium? In Europe, this is not yet the case: despite a sharp drop, BMW and Audi are leading the race on the Old Continent for the moment in the first half of 2022. But in the United States, Tesla has already established itself as the leading premium brand on the market: with 228,989 units sold in the USA between January and June 2022, the Californian brand is well ahead of BMW (157,838 units), Mercedes (133,520 cars) and Audi (83,471 cars) . Always well placed on the American market, Lexus is content with 133,616 sales over the same period.

The Model Y, the new king of premium SUVs in Europe

And if the German premium manufacturers remain for the moment ahead of Tesla in Europe, the Model Y is already imposing itself there as the best-selling premium family SUV ahead of the Mercedes GLC: some 41,851 Model Y have found takers on the first half of 2022 against 40,554 Mercedes GLC over the same period. According to Dataforce Automotive, the best-selling premium car in Europe in 2022 is currently the Audi A3 with 51,994 units sold until June.

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