Tesla accused by US authorities of lying about self-driving

The California Motor Vehicle Agency (DMV) has filed a lawsuit against Tesla, accused of lying to consumers about its self-driving technologies. One more case for the firm of Elon Musk, under fire from critics at the moment.

Clouds are gathering over Tesla and its Autopilot. While a recent study tends to prove that the American manufacturer’s driver assistance system causes more accidents than it preventsit is this time the agency in charge of motor vehicles in California (DMV) accuses Tesla of lying to consumers about its autonomous driving technologies.

California autonomy regulator sues Tesla for self-driving false advertising

The DMV reportedly even filed a lawsuit against Tesla in administrative court, accusing the automaker of having “makes or disseminates false or misleading statements, and not based on facts”, since Tesla cars never could, “and cannot today operate as autonomous vehicles”.

The agency criticizes Tesla for using particularly ambiguous language on this issue in its advertisements, giving Autopilot performance that is broader than it really is.

If the court agrees with the DMV, the consequences could potentially go as far as revoking the licenses authorizing Tesla to manufacture or sell its cars in California.

Without self-driving, Tesla’s value would be “close to zero”

However, the most likely remains that a possible court decision is limited to requiring Tesla to considerably clarify its sales pitch, clearly indicating that Autopilot is not, as it stands, an autonomous driving software.

What cause a sweet feeling in Weymo, who continues to scold his competitor on the dead end that constitutes, according to the direction of the subsidiary of Google, the Autopilot.

In June 2022, Elon Musk himself said that, without the prospect of self-driving, Tesla’s value would be “close to zero”.

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