Terra Classic (LUC) would be stronger than ever after its latest update

Terra Classic (LUC) continues to rise, driven by the evolution of its blockchain and increasingly present support.

Infinity and beyond for LUNC?

Terra Classic continues to surprise the crypto sector. The Terra project seemed to be scrapped following the fall of USTerra and the ensuing domino effect. However, the chips thrown by Do Kwon and his team seem to be doing better than ever. Terra Classic USD (USTC) has experienced a real peak since the beginning of July and, after a small fallout from the enthusiasm of its community, is now holding around $0.020.

Things are not the same for Terra Classic (LUNC) which continues to break records. Its flash rise, despite the mistrust of the crypto sphere towards it, seems to know no end. With a 2% increase in 24 hours, the token is gaining in value every day, driven by the fervor of the Terra community and the latest ecosystem upgrade.

Source: weekly price of Terra Classic (LUC) according to CoinMarketCap

The latter would have made it possible to set up a staking system with rewards of around 37% of the annual percentage return. Staking is therefore more fashionable than ever within the Terra project, constantly attracting new investors. At the time of writing, nearly 5% of the Terra Classic supply has reportedly been staked.

Finally, the future implementation of a token burning system completes the enthusiasm of the holders. If the LUNC surge continues to occur until the first burn, the token may continue to surprise us.

Supporters of the token make themselves known

While the entire crypto sector seemed to be turning its back on Terra following the many misadventures that affected the management team, the revival of Terra Classic seems to restore the image of the project. Although Do Kwon’s true intentions are still unclear despite a recent apology, crypto bigwigs are opening their arms to his tokens. Thus, the Binance platform claimed that it will take into account the latest update of the Terra Classic network.

So the tide could be turning for the Terra project. With an ally such as Binance at its side, the latter finds a name with the crypto sphere as well as a certain approval concerning its future updates.

Nevertheless, mistrust still seems to be in order since the revival of LUNC is viewed with apprehension. Do Kwon’s involvement in the phenomenon still remains uncertain. Time will confirm a simple episode of pump and dump or the real return of Terra to the top of the sector.


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