Pharmacists now allowed to inject all mandatory vaccines

In addition to the flu and Covid-19, pharmacists can, as of Monday, inject 14 additional vaccines in their pharmacies provided that patients have a prescription. The prerogatives of pharmacists are expanding. From this Monday, November 7, it is now possible to be injected with all the compulsory vaccines and their reminders in pharmacies, indicated the … Read more

soon a vaccine to protect babies from bronchiolitis?

The imminent return of winter raises fears of many new cases of bronchiolitis. This disease, which mainly affects newborns but also the elderly, is an acute respiratory viral infection affecting the bronchioles. This particularly dangerous winter virus causes inflammation that leads to respiratory discomfort. Signs of this disease include a strong cough and wheezing and … Read more

“Without a complete vaccination, the disease will never be eradicated”

The discovery of a case of polio in the United States and traces of the virus in sewage in the United Kingdom and Israel raise fears of a resurgence of this disease declared as eradicated on a large part of the planet. A reminder of the importance of vaccination in the fight against poliomyelitis, for … Read more

56,000 young people called to be vaccinated in Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes

The Regional Health Agency calls for mass vaccination of young people after twelve cases, including one death, recorded for a year. After twelve cases, including one death, of invasive meningococcal B infection with a new variant identified for almost a year, the Regional Health Agency (ARS) of Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes called on 56,000 young people to to … Read more

vaccination is slipping “for lack of arms, not for lack of doses”

Published on : 08/10/2022 – 07:07 Despite the opening of 153 vaccination centers against monkeypox in France, the campaign is slipping and appointments remain difficult to win. The Ministry of Health has decided to launch this Wednesday the experimentation of vaccination in five pharmacies. The government wants to step up the pace. If 153 vaccination … Read more

Is this Fox News video about the side effects of Covid vaccines serious? – Liberation

In an excerpt seen tens of thousands of times on social media, host Tucker Carlson relies on a widely criticized study, an article quoted out of context and a letter. Question asked on August 2, 2022 You are asking us about a video sequence widely shared on social networks in which the host Tucker Carlson, … Read more

tests now 100% reimbursed in France – Liberation

The health authorities insist that this detection by test “should only be carried out in the event of persistent doubt after clinical examination”. Tests for the detection of the monkey pox virus will be reimbursed 100% by Health Insurance, said Saturday an order in the Official Journal, after a recommendation to this effect from the … Read more

“I have never been so sick in my life” – Liberation

Testimonials Article reserved for subscribers While contaminations continue to increase with 1,837 confirmed cases, men who have contracted the virus recount their ordeal in the face of symptoms and point out the dysfunctions in their care. A few days ago, the World Health Organization triggered its highest level of alert to fight against the monkeypox … Read more

the second reminder extended to pregnant women and people at risk

Following the advice of scientific authorities, the government is extending the administration of a second booster dose in an “epidemiological context which remains worrying”. The government has decided to extend the administration of a second booster dose of the anti-Covid vaccine to pregnant women, to people under 60 years of risk» and to those … Read more

Do studies cited in an article in “Midi Libre” prove the dangerousness of messenger RNA vaccines? – Liberation

Question asked by Adrien on June 25, 2022. You ask us about an article published on the morning of June 25 on the website of the Free lunchwhose title was: “Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca: anti-Covid vaccines increase cardiovascular risks in young people.” This was widely shared on social networks, in particular by Florian Philippot, Francois … Read more