Google: satellite communication will be a standard feature of Android

Satellite communications from a simple smartphone seem to be the new fad of the moment. We lend Apple the desire to make it a novelty for its next iPhone, while Google is very officially working on the issue, and a telephone operator and a space industrialist have just announced a collaboration. The latest statement on … Read more

Tesla would generalize the touch buttons on the steering wheel instead of levers

When Tesla presented its new Model S and Model X at the beginning of 2021, much was said about the “Yoke” steering wheel, focusing largely on its atypical shape. Instead of the round steering wheel that we know well, the exclusively electric manufacturer offered a steering wheel cut in two, but the biggest change was … Read more

Hardware and software integration, Google would draw a lot of inspiration from Apple for the future of Google TV

Two years after the launch of Chromecast with Google TV, which inaugurated the new Android TV interface (baptized Google TV, like the old name of Android TV… Everyone follows?), the search engine has not forced its talent. The OS was entitled to some marginal improvements and the reinforcement of applications including Apple TV, but it … Read more