This Smell Turns Some People Into A Mosquito Magnet

You may be one of those people who unfairly attract mosquitoes. Researchers have just identified the reason with the carboxylic acids derived from the skin, characteristics of our body odor. Female mosquitoes are more attracted to some people than others, but the precise origin of the phenomenon remained unknown. However, we know that our exhalations … Read more

Near Lyon: an anti-mosquito operation planned after several cases of dengue fever

Two cases of dengue have been identified in Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d’Or, near Lyon (Rhône). A mosquito control operation is organized on Wednesday 7 September. Heat and stormy weather are often conducive to the presence of mosquitoes. This Tuesday, September 6, two cases of dengue fever were detected in the inhabitants of Saint-Didier-au-Mont-d’Ornear Lyon (Rhone). A mosquito repellent … Read more

Top 8 things that attract mosquitoes, don’t leave your cheese lying around

It’s summer, vacation. The sun is shining. The ice creams are good. Cocktails are fun. You have honey-colored skin (and it definitely is). You thought that nothing would be able to taint the happiness of August, until these pdf of mosquitoes remind you of their existence… Tough. To find your Dolce Vitta without mosquitos (“mosquitoes”, … Read more

Mosquitoes are attracted to these colors!

Every summer, there are those who are devoured by mosquitoes and those who survive. For scientists, there are three main reasons for this apparent injustice. ” I used to say that there are three major signals that attract mosquitoes: your breathing, your sweat and your skin temperature. In this study, we identified a fourth signal … Read more

Mosquitoes have an Achilles heel in their genes

Summer has only just begun and already, you can’t stand mosquitoes spoiling your evenings? Researchers may well have found a new solution to your problem. A genetic Achilles’ heel that would prevent disease-carrying mosquitoes from reproducing. To grow and develop, to reach sexual maturity, all insects rely on a hormone steroid called ecdysone. A ” … Read more