Penalties at PSG: against Monaco, this time it’s Neymar who shoots before Mbappé

After waiting for Mr. Bastien’s decision for almost four minutes following a foul on him from Maripan (66th), Neymar took the ball. On the sidelines, Christophe Galtier bit his lips. But it is the Brazilian who has decided to take justice into his own hands. Seeing the Parisian top scorer move towards Nübel, everyone then … Read more

PSG: Jean-Claude Blanc evokes the “patriotic side” of Kylian Mbappé

Kylian Mbappé had claimed not to “having said no to Real”but “says yes to France and to a new PSG project”, when he formalized his extension with the capital club at the end of May. “He is very sincere when he talks about this patriotic side, and that winning in France or in Paris has … Read more