The loss of the Y chromosome weakens the heart of men

The study published in the journal Science opens new perspectives for research on age-related pathologies in humans. georgerudy – DECRYPTION – This genetic anomaly affects 40% of people over 70 and increases the risk of cardiovascular pathologies. The Y chromosome, present only in humans, can disappear with age. If it may come as a … Read more

Mosquitoes have an Achilles heel in their genes

Summer has only just begun and already, you can’t stand mosquitoes spoiling your evenings? Researchers may well have found a new solution to your problem. A genetic Achilles’ heel that would prevent disease-carrying mosquitoes from reproducing. To grow and develop, to reach sexual maturity, all insects rely on a hormone steroid called ecdysone. A ” … Read more

One in 500 men carry an extra sex chromosome

The XX or XY chromosomes define the sex of an individual, but in a significant proportion of men, there may be one too many. People XXY or XYY would then be subject to different health problems as indicated by a recent study conducted at the University of Cambridge. The genetic heritage of the human being … Read more

has there been human-to-human transmission of the monkeypox virus since 2017?

The first results genetic analysis of the strain of the smallpox from the monkey collected in Portugal revealed that the strain which infected 780 people outside Africa was, at the time of writing, phylogenetically related to that of 2017-2019, isolated in Singapore, Israel in Nigeria and the United Kingdom . Today, two specialists in virus … Read more