A promising new treatment for obesity

A chronic metabolic disease that affects more than 8 million French people, obesity has often suffered from a lack of therapeutic innovation. 202033879/zinkevych – stock.adobe.com DECRYPTION – An injectable molecule opens very promising perspectives for the management of the disease. These are data that were eagerly awaited. Published in the New England Journal of Medicine … Read more

a fifth patient in the world considered cured, a real step forward?

By Eliana Seroussi Published yesterday at 6:54 p.m., Update yesterday at 7:42 p.m. Considered cured, the patientCity of Hopehas lived over thirty years with HIV. solomonus_/stock.adobe.com After living more than thirty years with HIV, the patient “City of Hope” entered the stage of remission. However, “the ideal cure would be to eradicate the virus from … Read more

the Île-de-France region first concerned

More than 1,300 cases have been declared in Île-de-France, where more than 8,000 vaccine injections have already been performed, i.e. 70% of vaccinations in France. With more than 1,300 cases declared in Île-de-France, including 15 female and 4 pediatric (including one under investigation), the Ile-de-France region is particularly affected by the monkeypox epidemic, underlines the … Read more

first death of a patient infected with monkeypox

This is the first death ever recorded in Europe of a patient infected with this disease. The Spanish Ministry of Health announced on Friday the death of a person suffering from monkeypox, considered to be the first death ever recorded in Europe of a patient infected with this disease. In Spain, one of the countries … Read more

taste and smell remain permanently affected in 5% of patients, according to a study

According to the study of British Medical Journalsix months after their contamination, 2% of patients say they have not regained their taste and 4% their sense of smell. Some 5% of people with Covid-19 experience a lasting disturbance of their sense of smell or taste, estimates a large study published Thursday, July 28, while it … Read more

A French Alzheimer’s specialist suspected of fraud in the United States

Clinical laboratory research aimed at developing a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. TEK IMAGE/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/Science Photo Library via AFP STORY – Author of a reference article in 2006, Sylvain Lesné would have manipulated many figures in his work. A promising drug carried by a young pharmaceutical laboratory; a scientist who sets out … Read more

The loss of the Y chromosome weakens the heart of men

The study published in the journal Science opens new perspectives for research on age-related pathologies in humans. georgerudy – stock.adobe.com DECRYPTION – This genetic anomaly affects 40% of people over 70 and increases the risk of cardiovascular pathologies. The Y chromosome, present only in humans, can disappear with age. If it may come as a … Read more

Why is the anti-Covid pill so little used in France?

Advised to people at risk of severe form, Paxlovir has only been prescribed to 20,000 patients, according to Health Insurance. IPA/IPA/Sipa USA via Reuters Connect DECRYPTION – The Paxlovid nevertheless benefits from sufficient stocks and real medical efficiency. Six months after its authorisation, Paxlovid remains very little used. The effectiveness of the only antiviral authorized … Read more

Inter-LGBT castigates the government’s “lack of preparation”

France has 1,567 confirmed cases of monkeypox, according to the latest report from Public Health France, established on Thursday, against 912 a week earlier. The Inter-LGBT “rebels“Monday July 25”in the face of inaction, lack of preparation and transparency of the governmentregarding the monkey pox epidemic, referring to “difficulties in making an appointment» for a vaccination … Read more

Majority of recent cases of monkeypox transmitted through sex

According to the new study of New England Journal of Medicine carried out in 16 countries, 95% of cases of contamination result from sexual contact. The vast majority of recent cases of monkeypox have been transmitted through sexual contact, according to the largest study to date, which also shows that the vast majority of those … Read more