A psychedelic treatment for depression?

Researchers have just published the largest clinical trial ever conducted to assess the effect of psilocybin, a psychoactive substance found naturally in hallucinogenic mushrooms. For years, scientists have been studying the therapeutic effect of psychedelics, substances that are often prohibited. However, despite this renewed interest, large-scale studies are still lacking. On Wednesday, researchers took an … Read more

Feeling depressed or lonely would make us age faster than smoking

A recent study reveals the deleterious effects of loneliness on the state of health of our cells. Getty Images According to a recent Sino-American study, a state of ill-being accelerates biological aging and puts us at greater risk of developing a chronic disease. As everyone knows, loneliness and everything directly or indirectly related to ill-being … Read more

How healthy eating can reduce the risk of depression

By Anne Prigent Posted yesterday at 7:38 p.m., Update 4 hours ago The Mediterranean diet favoring, in particular, fish, vegetables and olive oil, has a protective effect against anxiety and depression. Anton – stock.adobe.com DECRYPTION – Psychonutrition studies the growing links between mental health and diet. War in Ukraine, climate change, risk of a new … Read more

The study that shatters explanations of the causes of depression. And shake the pharmaceutical industry

A neurologist observes the results of an examination of one of her patients. ¬©¬©Fred TANNEAU / AFP Major study While a major study published in the UK calls into question the thesis that depression is caused by a lack of serotonin in the brain, many embarrassing questions are emerging about the merits of mass prescriptions … Read more