Is this Fox News video about the side effects of Covid vaccines serious? – Liberation

In an excerpt seen tens of thousands of times on social media, host Tucker Carlson relies on a widely criticized study, an article quoted out of context and a letter. Question asked on August 2, 2022 You are asking us about a video sequence widely shared on social networks in which the host Tucker Carlson, … Read more

outbreaks of viruses hidden in the intestines responsible for the persistence of symptoms?

Long Covid is the long-term consequence of an acute infection with SARS-CoV-2. A long and disabling disease, it is difficult for doctors to diagnose due to the great diversity of symptoms experienced by patients. The scientific community is looking for biomarkers that could make it easier for doctors to identify people with long Covid. A … Read more

Do studies cited in an article in “Midi Libre” prove the dangerousness of messenger RNA vaccines? – Liberation

Question asked by Adrien on June 25, 2022. You ask us about an article published on the morning of June 25 on the website of the Free lunchwhose title was: “Pfizer, Moderna, Astra Zeneca: anti-Covid vaccines increase cardiovascular risks in young people.” This was widely shared on social networks, in particular by Florian Philippot, Francois … Read more