In the midst of a shortage of components, Tesla confirms its exceptional status

Tesla announced its financial results for the third quarter of 2021 and as expected, they are excellent. The manufacturer specializing in electrics even unveiled a record turnover, with 13.7 billion dollars amassed in three months, the best figure in its history. Its profits thus reach 1.6 billion dollars and it has now been two years … Read more

seven questions to understand the mess at Alpine with the departure of Alonso

DECRYPTION – After Fernando Alonso, the French team could lose its hope, Oscar Piastri, supposed to replace the Spaniard but eager to look elsewhere. Back on a shambles that has lasted for 72 hours at Alpine. What was the contractual situation of the Alpine drivers? In 2021, Alpine has one of the most attractive driver … Read more

Tesla multiplies the openings of superchargers just before the summer holidays

Tesla announces the opening of the eight hundredth supercharger station in Europe and it is located in France, in Avignon. With its 28 fast chargers, all of which can deliver up to 250 kW to the brand’s electric cars, it symbolizes the rapid expansion of the brand’s charger network. It currently has more than 3,500 … Read more

Tesla would have preferred Germany to France to create its European factory more quickly

Tesla chose in the fall of 2019 to create a European factory in Germany, near Berlin, but it was not the only country in the running. There was also talk of Spain, the Netherlands and also France to install the new “Gigafactory”, the name given by the car manufacturer to its factories. The Express returned … Read more

Tesla can finally start production at its German factory

Tesla has finally obtained all the necessary permits for its German factory, which officially opens today, a few months late. The exclusively electric manufacturer has planned a small ceremony in its Gigafactory Berlin-Brandenburg for the first thirty deliveries to customers, Model Y Performance exclusively for the moment. In the coming months, production will slowly ramp … Read more

Google has permanently replaced Android Auto

However, the driving mode of the Google assistant does not yet have all the features that Android Auto had. Indeed, it is not possible to choose a guide application other than Google Maps with the Google Assistant, for example. It is also not possible to switch to landscape mode for navigation. But the other functions … Read more

actor Michael Fassbender’s accident on video

The Irish actor was the victim of a collision at the wheel of his Porsche. His single-seater was immobilized for long minutes. Michael Fassbender was the victim of a track excursion at the wheel of the No. 93 Porsche of the Proton Competition team shortly after 11 p.m. The German car remained immobilized in the … Read more