Researchers detected signs of dementia up to nine years before diagnosis

Once a diagnosis of a neurodegenerative disease, such as Alzheimer’s disease, is made, it is often already too late to alter its course. Identifying the early signs of this type of disease would in particular prevent the risk of developing one. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia in the world, but it … Read more

A French Alzheimer’s specialist suspected of fraud in the United States

Clinical laboratory research aimed at developing a possible cure for Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. TEK IMAGE/SCIENCE PHOTO LIBRARY/Science Photo Library via AFP STORY – Author of a reference article in 2006, Sylvain Lesné would have manipulated many figures in his work. A promising drug carried by a young pharmaceutical laboratory; a scientist who sets out … Read more

Memory loss: when should you worry?

By Anne Lefevre-Balleydier Posted 3 hours ago, Update 2 hours ago “NOTYour memory is not comparable to a computer’s hard drive: it does not store memories, but rewrites them every nightremarks neurobiologist Luc Buée, head of a team studying the mechanisms of Alzheimer’s disease and director of the Inserm Lille neurosciences & cognition research center. … Read more