Tadej Pogaçar after the 17th stage of the Tour de France: “We will still be able to attack”

“This stage was again very hard. What effects could these efforts have for the next few days?
I hope everything will go normally. Even if we are only four riders left in the team, we are going to go through the stages with a lot of optimism. Today (Wednesday), Mikkel Bjerg and Brandon McNulty were very good. We will still be able to attack in the next few days and I will try to make up time tomorrow (Thursday). I saw today that we were able to make Vingegaard doubt.

How do you explain that with a reduced team, you seem to have the greatest potential in the peloton?
No doubt, but we must not forget that we have been particularly unlucky over the past few days. If we hadn’t lost riders like Rafal Majka, Marc Soler or George Bennett, the team would be even stronger on these mountain stages. Which is not going to prevent us from giving everything to change the race.

Have you seen any signs of weakness in Vingegaard that might lead you to think he’s vulnerable?
So far, he’s shown he’s very strong and he’s not going to crack easily. But if our team had been complete, I think we could surprise him. We will see tomorrow (this Thursday) if he shows signs of weakness to be able to attack him again. »


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